Williamston couple’s charity helps children locally, in Haiti

Tucked into one of Williamston’s neighborhoods, the Monette house greets you with a large chalk drawing on the driveway and a wall of paint tubes in the garage. Barbara and Dean Monette said they have always loved children, whether it be teaching or simply helping the neighbor kids with painting which started with their own children. To channel that love, the couple created The Monette Children’s Enrichment Fund. The fund became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit about a year ago but the Monette’s have been raising money for about four years. The fund is for promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programs in local schools as well as in Haiti.

Contract Award for Dean Transportation

Contract Award for Dean Transportation
          The Ingham Intermediate School District discussed their selection for a contractor for the general education pupil transportation during their monthly meeting on Tuesday night. A power point presentation was given by Helen McNamara discussing the winner, Dean Transportation. Dean was head and shoulders above the other two applicants (First Student and M.I.T.S.) for this award, in McNamara’s view.       Unlike those applicants, Dean Transportation,

      “provided the whole package with training and benefits,” said McNamara. “The other (applicants) had the benefits as add-on costs,” she added.

More Background on the Contract Award

 Corey Weathers (A39949608)

There is a list of recommendations in the Contract Award for the General Education Pupil Transportation and Transportation Fleet Maintenance Services award. These four recommendations were included in the agenda from Tuesday’s meeting. 1)      The recipient of the contract award goes to Dean Transportation

2)      The I.S.D. superintendent will work with the governing committee of this contract to finalize the negotiations behind the deal with Dean Transportation. 3)      The authorization for the I.S.D. superintendent to execute this contract. 4)      The authorization for the I.S.D. superintendent to execute a vehicle lease agreement with Dean Transportation, if needed.