Mind, Body, Spirit: the IntenSati Method

Dawn Gaden, a licensed counselor and coach at Mind Body Counseling and Coaching PLLC, is a certified intenSati instructor who is passionate about her work. “It will change your life,”said Gaden. If you want something different, if you want to change your life, do intenSati.”

There are numerous ways to make yourself feel good before your day starts or after a tough day on the job. You can run, lift weights, meditate, any number of activities to exercise the mind and body.  The intenSati method – the word intenSati is derived from intent, for intention, and Sati, which is Sanskirt for mindfulness – is one that combines dance, martial arts and yoga. It uses movement, meditation, mantras (affirmations), and naam music to create a unique experience that exercises not only the mind and body, but your spirit as well.