Green infrastructure projects improve Grand Ledge recreation and quality of life

By Hannah Watts
Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

GRAND LEDGE — Green infrastructure is increasingly relevant to Michigan, the region and the country. With five Great Lakes and two peninsulas, Michigan represents connectivity. “Many people think green infrastructure has to do with just energy, but really green infrastructure is any infrastructure that is sensitive to the environment,” said Jon Bayless, Grand Ledge city administrator. With green infrastructure improvements well underway in Grand Ledge, such as possible dam deconstruction, recreational trail extensions and rain gardens, community support is essential. “The community has been very supportive of locally-initiated and state-mandated efforts to build and maintain a green infrastructure,” said Kalmin Smith, mayor of Grand Ledge.

North Lansing Dam Repair Nearly Complete

By Jack Crawley
Old Town Times Staff Writer

The construction project that Old Town residents and visitors have been seeing near the North Lansing Dam since September is a $1.2 million federal repair project. Lansing Board of Water and Light Communications Director Mark Nixon said that water erosion on the dam has undercut the river bottom. This erosion process is also known as scouring, and Nixon said that if it continued it could eventually lead to dam failure. “What we have done, and what we are doing right now, is actually installing new concrete piers which will help alleviate some of that erosion. Additionally, we’re going to be putting in some pretty large boulders, just plain old granite rocks, at the bottom.