Statewide training designed to thwart cyber attacks

Capital News Service
LANSING – A state cyber initiative is incorporating the Michigan Cyber Range – a virtual training program – to prepare technical staff, technology professionals and university students for team combat against a cyber-attack, in a real world setting. According to Dan Lohrmann, chief security officer for the state, a cyber range is a variety of tests on security equipment used in training. “Critical areas that will benefit from the Michigan Cyber Range include infrastructure defense, Homeland Security, criminal justice and law enforcement, academic and educational programs, and small and medium businesses,” he said. The training, run through Merit Network, based in Ann Arbor, prepares trainees to identify, prevent, and thwart cyber-attacks on vital infrastructure such as power grids and hospitals or personal identities and finances. Lohrmann said the Range is very advanced technical training for technical and cyber teams on the latest techniques and advanced capabilities to stop aggressive attacks against cyber networks.