DeWitt hopes to make safer a school zone crosswalk

By Skyler Ashley
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — A new proposal is in the works to increase the safety of DeWitt School District students on Herbison Road. Herbison is the road the DeWitt Junior High School’s entrance lies on; the concern raises from a lack of a crosswalk that student’s have immediate access too. The nearest crosswalk is relatively close on the left, but Dave Hunsaker of DeWitt Area Recreation Authority worries that certain students will not take the time to walk the extra distance. “They don’t take the time, because they’re kids.” said Hunsaker, who is also a member of the DeWitt City Council. The issue was discussed during the council’s Nov.

DeWitt approves new marking for crosswalks

By Tiara Marocco
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Writer

DeWitt, MI – DeWitt City Council passed a crosswalk striping bid presented at their meeting on October 9, 2012. The current crosswalks have been marked with waterborne paint and during the winter this causes them to fade resulting in the need to be repainted every year, said Daniel Coss, DeWitt city administrator. With winter approaching, the council was recommended “to accept the quote of P.K. Contracting for a no-to-exceed amount of $3,768.41 to install needed cold plastic pavement marking at various locations in the City of DeWitt,” according to the meeting agenda. A new mark

The cold plastics pavement marking tape is a product of 3M™ Stamark™ and is designed to improve road safety. “To have a contractor install the cold plastic crosswalk tape it costs about double of what the waterborne paint marking cost per foot,” said Rich Miller, DeWitt public service supervisor.