City Council approves new rules regulating collection bins in Lansing

By Alexis Howell
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter


On Oct. 26, some Lansing residents joined together at the city council meeting to show their support for the Collection Bin Ordinance that was approved that day. Elaine Womboldt, facilitator of Rejuvenating South Lansing, a group that focuses on bringing people of Lansing together to solve problems, was ecstatic when the ordinance was passed. According to a letter Womboldt sent out to members of Rejuvenating South Lansing, she saidd that she was thankful that they attended nine months of bi-monthly meetings and 15 drafts of the ordinance for them to finally get a 7-0 vote for the ordinance. According to the Collection Bin Ordinance given by Chief Deputy City Clerk Brian P. Jackson, the purpose of the Collection Bin Ordinance is “to regulate collection bins in the City of Lansing so that they remain clean, safe and do not create hazards to pedestrians or to vehicular traffic.”