Mason community keeps Rayner Park clean

By Andrea Raby
Mason Times staff writer

In 2010, Rayner Park should have closed. Despite its history, Ingham County no longer had the budget to keep the park going. But thanks to the City of Mason and its citizens, Rayner Park is still a place to play. Since Ingham County’s announcement in 2010, Mason has worked closely with the Rayner Park Rally Club many other community groups and businesses to save a park that means a lot to the community. “It’s historic in the fact that it’s the very first Ingham County park,” said City Administrator Marty Colburn.

'A Trashy Situation'

 LANSING – One may notice the new green eye sores that temporarily line the streets of Old Town. The neighborhood of Old Town has been experiencing a trash issue, brought to the attention of the Old Town Commercial Association by its staff members. Old Town hosts many festivals and events throughout the year that produce a lot of waste. The only trash cans installed were ones funded by the OTCA. Since the organization is non-profit and has a small budget, the number of trash bins was minimal, due to the bins costing $400 apiece.