Could Lansing Township be swallowed by the city of Lansing? Township says no way

By Ana Williams
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

Lansing Township is a very disjointed area, especially due to the township’s five contiguous locations. It has been asked, what does the future hold for the township? Could it ever dissolve, swallowed by the city of Lansing? If so, who would provide services and what would be some pros and cons? According to Lansing Township’s Supervisor, Diontrae Hayes, this idea is non-existent and deserved no chatter.

Washington Avenue redevelopment project on its way. Someday.

By Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

A project that would make Old Town Lansing greener and more accessible has been on hold for years. Just the fact there’s a project — albeit a paused one — is news to some. According to the website of the Old Town Commercial Association, “the City of Lansing is planning to redevelop Old Town’s section of Washington Avenue… (the) redevelopment will allow for bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly enhancements.”

The project will create bike lanes to Washington Avenue, add rain gardens and implement historic lighting that would match the ones on Grand River Avenue. The project also seeks to add back-in angled parking. However, Old Town Commercial Association Executive Director Austin Ashley said he is not aware of any updates to the project that was put on hold by the City of Lansing.