The Sun Theater: 84 Years and Counting

By Meghan Steingold
Living In The Ledge

With one featured movie shown a week and its $2 seat prices, it’s a wonder how the Sun Theater can stay afloat after 84 years of business. “It’s a cute small theater with really reasonable prices. It’s family-owned and very popular with the members of the community,” Grand Ledge resident Allison Osika said. The theater’s owner of 26 years, Chuck Pantera, said that business has actually peaked recently due to the community’s desire to preserve the theater. Opening in 1931, the theater at 361 Bridge St., hit its peak in the early years of being established, according to Pantera.

Vintage businesses face struggle with changing technologies

By Eric Finkler

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

GRAND LEDGE, MI – As the years go by small, historic businesses struggle to continue with technology updates. Chuck Pantera, brought up the issue up at Monday’s city council meeting as the owner of the Sun Theater, a small, vintage movie venue of Grand Ledge. Changing of the medium:

The movie industry is no longer supporting film because of its cost and is switching to only digital film. For small time theater owners like Pantera, these costs could mean the end of his business. Changing the 35 millimeter film projector into digital film will cost Pantera more around $64,000 and at his current ticket price of $2 per ticket he doesn’t think he will gain enough profit to pay for the transfer and worries it will cause the theatre to go out of business.