Holt looking to define downtown identity through 'Realize Cedar' study

By Austin Short
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Charter Township has started an initiative called Realize Cedar and they are looking towards its residents for new ideas on how to improve Holt’s downtown area, specifically the triangle of Cedar Street, Holt Road and Aurelius Road. The study has three ways people can give input; offer a big idea, prioritize goals, and answer poll questions. The former allows people to write the township. Prioritize goals lets residents of the area tell the township what is most important to them. Finally ,the poll lets citizens vote and see the results of important considerations such as retail, bike paths, larger sidewalks and restaurants.

Cedar Street Revisioning Project looks to improve downtown Holt

By Catherine Ferland
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

What makes a community feel like home? For Tracy Miller, the director of the Delhi Charter Township Department of Community Development, it’s a lot more than just new sidewalks, flowers and flagpoles. “Having a strong sense of place helps to attract people, who in turn help to attract businesses,” she said. Miller is working with the Downtown Development Authority of the Delhi Charter Township to revitalize Cedar Street by investing in infrastructure that will help businesses to thrive. “I don’t think that anyone would argue with me if I said that we continue to have businesses here that struggle,” Miller said at a DDA meeting at the end of September.

Ready or not? Residents are stocking up on salt and shovels

By Daniel Hamburg
Mason Times staff writer

At Ace Hardware on Cedar Street, Manager Chris Iott says if you wait too long, it’s too late. That’s the case for hundreds of residents in Mason, who have snow- and ice-covered sidewalks and roadways. Part of the problem is people not adequately prepared, according to Iott. “People will prepare for summer because they know they’re going to have to mow the lawn,” Iott said. “People don’t prepare as much for winter because you may or may not get big snow.