Capital City Film Festival offers movies and career moves

By Max Johnston
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

A quick glance at The Capital City Film Festival’s website may lead some to believe the festival has been a prominent staple of the Lansing film scene for decades. The truth is that the festival has achieved a meteoric rise in 5 years, a small time frame for a film festival, and according to Co-Director Dominic Cochran, was thrown together by optimistic filmmakers pooling their cash for some friendly competition. “We were all in Lansing, the people on the board live and work downtown, so we’ve had a lot of experience making films in Lansing and we wanted more outlets for people to see the work that was being done here,” Cochran said. “That’s the reason we started The Fortnight Film Contest, we’ve all participated in this kind of contest at other festivals, and they’re a lot of fun, but we wanted to have a contest where we give away serious cash, that’s why we made the prize $10,000.” Eventually, Cochran said, the contest expanded to include more filmmakers, became a staple of the Lansing film scene, and a great way for filmmakers to network while having some fun.

By: Austin H. Goodman

Ingham County Chronicle

LANSING, MICH. – The Capital City Film Festival started off their 2015 competition with 400 submissions from over 20 countries. The festival was held on April 9 through April 12. lHalf a decade ago in April 2010, the festival hosted their first four-day film festival. According to the Co-founder of the Capital City Film Festival Dominic Cochran, Capital City Film Festival judges watch hundreds of films including short and feature length films. After the judges select the winners, they are featured at the festival.