Meridian Township Garden Club proposes an official butterfly for Michigan

By Julie Campbell
Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Michigan is one of only three states without an official butterfly or state. The Meridian Township Garden Club realizes this and wants to make a change by declaring the Black Swallowtail as the official butterfly of Michigan. The Black Swallowtail overwinters in Michigan as a pupa, making it a full-time Michigan resident. This butterfly is easy for school groups to study the butterflies. “Some butterflies reside in tall trees, but the Black Swallowtail prefers flowering areas and natural areas filled with red clover, common milkweed, butterfly weed, and other Michigan plants,” said Peggy Bryson, treasurer of Meridian Township Garden Club.

Buffs boost black swallowtail as best bet for state butterfly

Capital News Service
LANSING – The black swallowtail would flit over Michigan as the official butterfly of the state if recently proposed legislation is approved. The apple blossom was designated Michigan’s state flower in 1897. The white pine was designated the state tree in 1955, and the brook trout was made the state fish in 1965. Despite Michigan’s long list of official symbols, it’s one of just three states without an official insect or butterfly. Sponsored by Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr., D-Meridian Township, the bill would put Michigan in line with 47 other states that have either a state butterfly or insect.