Board of Directors hope to simplify festival planning

By Victoria Bowles
Old Town Lansing staff writer

 Board of Directors hope to simplify festival planning

OLD TOWN LANSING — Soft music played in the background of the Feb. 20 Old Town Commercial Association Board of Directors meeting, as Board Members sipped wine and discussed local issues at a roundtable. “One of the things Old Town does really well is put on festivals,” said Karen Stefl, who is entering her second year as president of the Old Town Commercial Association Board of Directors. “We decided that to save our volunteer’s energy and maximize our yearly cost setting up an RFP would streamline things,” said Stefl

RFP stands for requests for proposals, and by asking companies to put together bid proposals we can find the best fit for our budget, said Louise Gradwohl, executive director for the Old Town Commercial Association. The membership dilemma

“We are a membership organization and we always ask our members if they would like to participate,” Gradwohl said.

Board of directors maintain play and inclusivity

By Shanin Thomas
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING – The Old Town Commercial Association’s Annual Meeting and Winter Mixer created a friendly, comfortable and productive meeting, emblematic of its new mission. Karen Stefl, president of OTCA’s board of directors, said Old Town’s goal this year is to create the idea of play and inclusivity. In fact, the bylaws require diverse board members with different skill sets. Members like to roll up their sleeves and create playfulness during meetings, she said. Jennifer Estill, OTCA board of directors at-large member, calls Old Town the “Sesame Street for adults.”