Eighty more miles of bicycle paths coming to Ingham County

By Griffin Wasik
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

The Meridian Township Board of Commissioners recently unanimously passed a revision to the Pedestrian-Bicycle Master Plan will add nearly 80 more miles of bicycle paths on shoulders of roads, cross-country paths, and unpaved roads to Ingham County. There are currently about 110 miles of such paths, according to meeting officials. The plan will improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists who are trying to access parks, businesses, or people out exercising, according to meeting officials. The master plan deals with much bigger things, Ron Styka, a trustee member on the Meridian Township Board of Commissioners, said. “Our goal is to have people be able to travel anywhere in this township by biking or hiking all the way to Lansing,” Styka said.

Clinton County Considers Communication System Enhancement Project

By Jacob Herbert
Clinton County Chatter

The Clinton County Board of Commissioners met on Feb. 25, 2015 to discuss plans to build a communications tower in the Southeast region of Clinton County. The $1.29 million project has been discussed for almost 14 years now. According to Clinton County documents, the tower will increase the effectiveness of the county’s communications system, making it easier for police to communicate with each other and will improve communications between citizens and police during any emergency. “This tower is necessary because radio communications are not operable related to topography,” said Clinton County Administrator Ryan Wood.

Sheriff Office’s two Training Grants approved

By Erin Eschels
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Ingham County Sheriff’s Office emergency vehicle operations and supervisors will be receiving grant funding to improve and expand their training programs. On March 13, the county Board of Commissions unanimously approved a resolution to accept two Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association Grants. The operations grant is a long-term grant that provides training for all Ingham deputies and other Mid-Michigan law enforcement officers. The Sheriff’s Office has provided emergency vehicle operations training for its deputies for more than 20 years, and this grant will help offset some costs. Ingham Staff Services Major Joel Maatman addressed the committee on Feb. 21 about the grant.

New role for the county controller

By Maleah Egelston
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance which transferred more power to the county controller/administrator at its meeting on Sept. 24. 

The ordinance shifted the leadership and supervisory powers of Ingham County Animal Control from Animal Control Director, who acts as the chief financial and administrative officer for the county. Penelope Tsernoglou, vice chairperson of the law and courts committee, introduced this bill to the board and said the ordinance was designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the county government. “It will put that department more in line with our other departments who are all also controlled by the county controller,” Tsernoglou said. At the meeting, long-time board of commissioner member Mark Grebner questioned the board’s approval of the ordinance because it further consolidates power

“You now have eleven or twelve substantial departments which directly report to the controller, and that’s not appropriate,” Grebner said.

County Commission down 2 seats for election

By Evan Kreager
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Elections this fall are bringing a change to Ingham County. This November there will be only 14 seats on the ballot for county commissioner, a loss of two districts from the 16 that the county has had for the past decade. According to Commissioner Carol Koenig, the cutback is based on a population decrease in the county. “Every 10 years the census tells us if we have lost population, which we have,” Koenig said. The result is two fewer seats on the board.