Coffee Barrel looks to expand

By Drew Dzwonkowski
Holt Journal staff writer

The rain cloud over Michigan’s economy missed a spot – Holt’s own Coffee Barrel. Located at 2237 Aurelius, the shop caters to connoisseurs and beginners alike, and looks to expand in both hours and staff despite the tough times. “We’ve got a new sign coming in next week,” said Shawn Brenner, co-owner. “We’re going to try the extended hours with the new sign. We need to hire a couple more people.”

Since moving to the new location on Aurelius four years ago, Brenner has established a precedent in terms of quality and customer care, a precedent that has made The Coffee Barrel a signature element of Holt.

“It’s a really nice aroma in downtown Holt when we’re roasting,” Brenner said.