People who live in Ovid don’t necessarily work there

By Kenedi Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

OVID — In the small city of Ovid, many residents are beginning to find work elsewhere. With only three main places hiring, they don’t have much of a choice. Over the years, Ovid has become more of a bedroom community than anything else. A lot of the residents enjoy living there, but can’t make a living in that same city. “I would say probably 75-80 percent work outside of the community,” says Josy Medina, Ovid clerk.

Holt is trying to shake the "bedroom community" image

By Carrie Lynch
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Taking a walk through Holt could mislead someone into believing the main purpose of the city is to be an area where people sleep, eat, and play but do not work. The lack of people in restaurants, walking around town, and driving around makes Holt seem like just a bedroom community. Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis believes Holt previously may have been a bedroom community, but is moving on to be its own unique city. “For a long time, we were content to be a bedroom community to Lansing,” said Davis. As years go on, Davis said that Holt is trying to bring individuality to the town, and make it more attractive to businesses coming in.