Bath Farmer’s Market offers town alternative ideas

In today’s impersonal world, where people often buy their food at a supermarket, a farmer’s market can help create a special sense of community. Dru Montri, the owner of Ten Hens Farm in Bath and the director of the Michigan Farmer’s Market Association, was approached to help begin the Bath Farmer’s Market in 2010. “I think people in the town were starved for something to happen,” said  Jeff Garrity, the owner of Laughing Crane Farm, which maintains a booth at the market. Garrity, who is also the township treasurer, said that a total of 53 people showed up at the initial organizing meeting, a significant turnout for a town of  roughly 2,000. Towns across the nation are set up in neighborhoods, supermarkets and impersonal settings.

Chandler Crossings: Where Do You Live?

For students who live in Chandler Crossings, the answer isn’t simple.  If you live on one side of the street, you are an East Lansing resident. Live on the other side, and you reside in Clinton County. I found out that I am a Clinton County resident when a small fire broke out in my kitchen of my apartment at The Club at Chandler Crossings. I asked my neighbor to call the East Lansing Fire Department for me. But when she did, the operator told her to call 911 in Bath Twp.

A 40 year tradition keeps people coming back

By Courtney Culey
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

In the end, Lethal Threat couldn’t escape from “the cops,” during the 2011 Bath Tub Races. After the practice runs, Kenny Crouch, the driver of Lethal Threat, said, “We were clocked at 18 MPH. The police car went 22 MPH. If we want to win, we need to do something to make us faster,”

The “International Bath Tub Races” began in the 1970’s and attracted people from all over Michigan. This year eight teams were registered to compete, but Wilson said they expected more to register Saturday morning before the start of the races.

Fire Department, Township prepare for upcoming Bath Days Festival

By Courtney Culey
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

The sky above Bath Township will light up during the Bath Days Festival thanks to the township board’s unanimous decision Monday, July 18, granting the event a fireworks permit. The Bath Days Festival is scheduled for Aug. 5 and 6. According to the festival’s website,, the events include: Bath tub races, a parade, a car show, carnival rides and games, craft booths, and fireworks. According to the website, the goal of the festival is to “bring the community together with family, fun and entertainment.”

Jennifer Wilson, the festival committee secretary, said, in a phone interview, the preparation takes a lot of work and the committee has been preparing since November.

Bath Township Board looks to resolve ongoing dangerous structure case

By Leslie Tilson
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

After months of missed meetings by the property owner, the Bath Township board has once again rescheduled the public hearing to remove a collapsed barn located at 6275 E. Clark Road. The most recent public hearing was set for the board meeting on Monday July 18. Township Supervisor Tom Schneider moved to reschedule the public hearing to the next board meeting on Monday August 1, as property owner Dennis Bosley was once again absent. Bosley was not available for comment. Bath Township has a set of ordinances derived from the dangerous structure clause of the state building code.