School of Dance bringing ballet awareness to Lansing

By Eve Kucharski
Listen Up Lansing staff writer

Arguably one of the most cultured and graceful forms of athleticism is the art of ballet. It is a highly competitive field of dance, famous for both its beauty and tremendous rigors. It takes years of training to become proficient, and even then one’s longevity in a career as a dancer is not ensured. This form of dance can be intimidating to an outsider, and many who appreciate the art resign themselves to watching masterful companies from places like St. Petersburg and New York perform, rather than try it themselves.

Heather’s Dance Company strives to be a positive institution in St. Johns

By Cydni Robinson
Clinton County Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Heather’s Dance Company is an institution that sets itself apart from the rest when it comes to representing themselves. This company at 221 N. Clinton Ave. is Christian-based with the motto “Praise God through dance,” always making sure to represent God in the most pleasing way. “Dance can create community through shared experience, whether it be in the classroom or in a more public environment.