The Harding sisters, from left to right, Priscilla, Elizabeth and Caroline, all play golf. Priscilla and Caroline are members of the Michigan State women’s golf team. Elizabeth is expected to join them next year.

Harding sisters bring sibling bond to MSU golf team

Teammates aren’t always just teammates. Sometimes they’re family. What do the Harding sisters really think about each other and golfing at MSU?Spartan Newsroom sat down with Caroline and Priscilla for extended interviews. 

The Harding sisters’ blood runs deep in the game of golf. Their father and mother were collegiate golfers — Tom played at Michigan State, while mother Joal played at Auburn. The Hardings come from South Lyon and have always been around the sport.

Holt rallies around high school athletics

By Roya Burton
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

High school athletics are a great reminder about the love the of the game, and the reason why sports are played in the first place. It’s about the athletes, fans and the student body, but also the surrounding community. According to the U.S Census Bureau the city of Holt, Mich. holds a population of just under 24,000, and supporting local high school sports is a way of life. No matter what season, on just about any game day expect the stands to be filled with not only students and parents, but local supporters.

Athletic Hall of Fame coming soon to St. Johns

By Meghan Callan
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — A new Athletic Hall of Fame for the town of St. Johns is expected to create creative revenue opportunities for the high school’s Athletic Department. The Board of Education for St. Johns has announced the approval to create an inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame starting in 2016.

Advertising helps pay for St. Johns high school sports

By Meghan Callan
Clinton County staff reporter

ST. JOHNS — Local businesses in St.Johns have been sponsoring district school events in hopes of bringing in consumers to economically benefit Clinton County. The St. Johns public school system has an Athletic Faculty Advertising Program available to local businesses. According to the Director of Athletics and Student Activities Chris Ervin, St.

Injuries among high school female athletes

By Lia Kananipuamaeole Kamana
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Writer

Injuries are nothing new in the sports world. Athletes are no strangers to sprains, strains, contusions, concussions and broken bones. In recent years, injuries amongst female athletes have been going up, especially lower leg injuries. The three most dangerous sports when it comes to these lower leg injuries are soccer, volleyball and basketball. Examples of lower leg injuries are ankle sprains and strains, hip problems, foot problems, shin splints, pulled muscles, and the knee.

Students pay to participate in school sports

By Tiara Marocco
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Writer
Bath, MI – With the budget cuts affecting schools’ athletic programs, Bath schools have implemented “pay-to-participate” to help their athletics prosper. Many schools in Michigan have experience a drop in funds for extra-curricular activities and athletics. “Pay to participate came about in our district in about 2002,” said Matt Dodson, Bath High School principal, “and it started at $50-75 for the whole year. “We’ve had to raise it to about $100 and that pays for a student to play as many sports they want for that whole school year.”

Keeping it manageable

“Our athletic budget has been cut about 30%,” said Dodson, “so that kind of became a necessity for us to offer the same level of programs without cutting sports.”

All the fees to participate that the families pay all go completely towards the sports programs and extra-curricular activities, said Erik Harrelson, Bath High School athletic director. Bath community schools have found ways to make these payments manageable for families who cannot pay fully right away.