Fenton Art Walk returns

From woodworking to large murals and small paintings, this year’s Fenton Art Walk returned July 29 after a three-year hiatus. “The City of Fenton…take pride in bringing back the Art Walk to downtown Fenton,” said Ed Koledo, executive director of SLPR. “Being our first year back in three, we’ve consolidated it a bit, but we are looking forward to an even larger event in the years to come and returning it to the sidewalks, spread throughout our downtown.” 

Art Walk featured an entertainment tent, artist’s exhibits, beverage and food trucks. “A lot of our artists, I would say about three-quarters of them, are local in Fenton, but including the surrounding areas in Genesee and Livingston County,” said Pat Lockwood, mayor pro tem of Fenton. “We’re really proud of the fact that we’re able to let them have an opportunity to display their art.” 

Art Walk began seven years ago but has offered lots of opportunities for artists in and around the area of Fenton.