Old Town businesses deal with harsh winter weather

By Juliana Moxley

Old Town Lansing Times staff writer


OLD TOWN LANSING – This year’s winter weather brought torrential snowfalls, ice storms and freezing cold, and it’s taking a toll on everyone – including Old Town businesses. Winter storms move in

The Midwest has their fair share of snowy moments during the winter, but this year the winter weather was taken to the next level, being described as the “polar vortex.” Inclement weather resulted in hundreds of school closures, as well as people staying off the roads, if at all possible, in order to stay safe. In a small nonprofit organization such as Old Town, the creative businesses that make up the district felt some impact on their business revenues due to weather conditions this year. Old Town Commercial Association Executive Director Louise Gradwohl said although she doesn’t know the actual numbers from businesses in terms of how they were effected by this winter’s weather, she does know the ice storms made an impact on Christmas sales. With Old Town being a Main Street Community where it’s common for people to walk from store to store given how small the district is, Gradwohl said the amount of snowfall has hindered the interest in shopping outdoors.

Galleries in Old Town

Old Town is the art council of Greater Lansing. Visitors of Old Town will find an art gallery to stop in. The first Sunday of every month there is an event called First Sunday Gallery Walk. During this walk, all the art galleries in Old Town showcase their newest artist and show what they have to offer to customers. Here are five top participants in the First Sunday Gallery Walk.