Michigan ‘religious freedom’ act concerns business leaders

Capital News Service
LANSING — Business leaders in Michigan are wary of proposed legislation that could lead to discrimination against those in the LGBT community. The passage of a similar Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana resulted in a backlash not only from gay and lesbian activist groups, but also business and even some religious leaders. “Economically, it would not be good for Michigan,” said Jennifer Kluge, CEO of the Michigan Business and Professional Association. “It won’t be good for anybody if the economy goes in a negative direction after all the work our legislature and governor have done to move it forward.”

This legislation would provide legal protections for people in Michigan who refuse to provide services to individuals based upon religious beliefs. Opponents of the legislation say it would allow businesses to discriminate against individuals, particularly those in the LGBT–lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender– community.

New machine helps pick apples faster, safer

Capital News Service
It is a crisp fall morning and the birds are chirping as you grab your coat, a wooden basket and a small ladder and head to the apple orchard. Light greens, yellows and reds pop out from under the dark green leaves of the apple trees as you spot the perfect apple to add to your basket. It is a popular fall activity.  But it’s also work for commercial growers.  And a new

apple-picking creation could make it a bit easier as orchard owners struggle with a declining workforce. Apple picking usually requires fruit-pickers to stand on ladders to gather the apples. Handpicking is the most consistent and traditional way to gather apples.