Williamston’s 304 River Edge Lofts has 17 apartments ready for lease

It’s not hard to find 304 River Edge Lofts while strolling through downtown Williamston. The four-story brick building stands out in the mix of old-fashioned buildings because of its newness and modern aesthetic. The apartment complex was built last summer and opened in October 2017. With 30 apartments, 17 are sitting empty. With one-bedroom floor plans for $1,250 a month and two-bedroom floor plans for $1,510 a month, property manager Katelyn Franklin said this has some residents concerned.

Seven of 10 top property tax payers in Meridian Township last year were apartment properties

By Katie Dudlets
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Sitting in the food court of Meridian Mall, mall-goer Tim Cunningham guessed correctly when he said that the very building he was sitting in was one of the biggest taxpayers in Meridian Township. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest taxpayer in Meridian, with a total taxable value of $29,387,161 in 2015. Cunningham didn’t guess, however, that apartment properties made up seven of the top ten taxpayers in Meridian last year. “Wow, I’m surprised at that,” Cunningham said. “But I guess they do cover a lot of ground and they’re [made up of] a bunch of units.

Hotel plan rejected in St. Johns

By Rachel Bidock
Clinton County Staff Reporter

ST.JOHNS — A hotel may not be coming to the City of St. Johns after all. At the St. Johns City Commission meeting on March 28, commissioners accepted the planning commission’s recommendation to deny the petition for transitional district use, or hotel use, for the first floor of 116 and 118 N. Clinton Ave. During the meeting the Community Development Director and Deputy City Manager Dave Kudwa explained the plans that the applicant for the petition and owner of the building, Ken Harris, had in mind.

Students seek change for recycling in apartments

The dorms and classrooms at Michigan State University are filled with numerous recycling bins for all types of materials. However, when students move off-campus, they find their recycling options very limited. Most apartments in East Lansing do not offer recycling pickup, forcing residents to either drive their recyclables to other drop-off areas or simply throw them in the trash. Campus Village apartments is one housing complex that does not have a recycling system, and Community Manager Katie Larner says it is just not easy enough to simply put out bins. However, there has been some unhappy residents that want the ability to recycle in their communities.

Planned Apartment Construction Creates Concerns in St. Johns

By Danielle Duggan
Clinton County Chatter

The planned construction of low-income housing on a large parking lot site in St. Johns has some business owners concerned. They predict that this project will lead to a lack of parking space and will directly and negatively affect their businesses. But city officials believe the concerns are overblown. According to Dave J. Kudwa, community development director of St.