Grand Ledge Public Schools helping students with disabilities

By Madison Morse
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

Imagine not being able to use your legs or living in a state of anxiety that could lead to a panic attack at any moment. These are just some of the struggles students are having to face every single day. However, Grand Ledge Public Schools is on a mission to help these students by offering personalized amenities to their school system. According to Hayes Middle School Principal Mike Johnson, Grand Ledge has and will continue to make any necessary building changes to provide to those who need physical assistance. “We have added hands-free doors, handicapped spaces and in the last few years it was realized that we needed to construct cut-outs to the ends of sidewalks so any student in a wheelchair would be able to access the sidewalks as well,” Johnson said.

Test confusion causing statewide anxiety

Capital News Service
LANSING – Michigan is having a hard time figuring out how to assess its grade-school students. Beginning in March, third through eighth and 11th graders will take the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress, or M-STEP — the third version of the statewide assessment in as many years. And the Michigan Department of Education says this test is just a stopgap, to be replaced next year. The testing confusion is part of the controversy surrounding the Common Core State Standards, a voluntary set of national standards developed cooperatively by state governments and implemented in 46 states, including Michigan, which adopted them in 2010. Many experts say the Common Core places a welcome value on critical thinking skills.