Mason School Board signs preliminary agreement

By Cody Harrell
Mason Times staff writer

MASON—The Mason School Board announced Monday that this fall, students will be able to learn college credits while studying at Mason High School. The agreement would allow high school students to earn community college credit while completing their graduation requirements at the high school. According to Mason School District Trustee Peter Curtis, this agreement is meant to help create a more seamless transition between education levels. “This is a great opportunity for students to get a running start for college,” Curtis said. Curtis said juniors and seniors will be able to earn credits at the high school and won’t have to travel to the college.

Haslett Public Schools Consolidation of Technology Services Agreement

Haslett Public Schools and Williamston Community Schools have agreed on a consolidation technology agreement. Haslett will provide technology services for Williamston. The agreement comes as a result from rising education costs and a lack of federal resources. Williamston has never been in the position of having to cut programs from their school curriculum. Students will not be impacted in any manner from this agreement.