Pitching a news article

Editorial Metadata Module

Jeremy Steele / MSU School of Journalism

The Editorial Metadata module can be used as a story planning and assignment tool.

Your class may (or may not) use the website system as a planning tool to pitch stories and track story assignments. Please see your instructor for details.

To create a story pitch, select “Add New” from the Posts sidebar menu, or select “+ New Post” from the top menu of the Dashboard. This pitch eventually will become your article.

From the new post, you can fill in a draft headline. Then look for the Editorial Metadata module near the bottom of the page. This module can be moved to another location in the Dashboard. Hover the cursor over the Editorial Metadata module title. Click and drag to a new location. (We recommend placing it right under the Excerpt module.)

Fill in each area within this module to tell your editors and instructor about your story. Fields include a description of the story, deadline and whether a photo will be included.

When finished filling out the Editorial Metadata section, change the article status to Pitch and save your post.

Once your pitch is accepted by an editor, the status will be changed to Assigned and you will get an email notification. When your article is completed, paste the text into the article area of the post you created to make the pitch.