Do we publish or not?

Today we had the privilege to meet Pulitzer prize photographer Judy Walgren, who taught us the importance of images and visual content. She also gave us tips to take better pictures and do awesome portraits. She made us think about the ethical issues behind publishing and taking a photograph. She showed us a picture of a drowned boy and his family looking at his dead body while crying. The boy died in a public pool because there were no lifeguards due to a lack of fundings.

Backstage Portraits

Come check out our Sunday work with the great Judy Walgren!

The assignment was to take individual portraits using the visual storytelling techniques that Judy taught us.

Pulitzer Prize winner Judy Walgren: 5 tips to improve our photojournalism skills

In 1994, photojournalist Judy Walgren won the Pulitzer Prize for her work documenting female genital mutilation in Africa. Since then, Judy has completed a number of projects depicting war zones, famines, draughts and all kinds of human crisis around the globe. Today we had the opportunity to get to know Judy and ask her about her best tips to create visual impact and convey the drama behind these realities, through a photo.

Use your grid: Judy recommends using the grid on your screen or viewfinder while working on the composition of a photo. The idea is to position your main elements on either one of the junctions on the grid.