What to wear: April showers or May flowers


With the weather changing and fashion styles changing with it, how do you decide what to wear with this confusing weather? Just this week, Michiganders experienced snow, rain, wind and sunshine. When the weather changes, so does a person’s style. Students on Michigan State’s campus gave tips on what to keep in your closet during these confusing weather times. MSU communication graduate Maya Askew defines herself as fashionable.

Lansing nail tech shares 2018 nail trends

Have you ever been to a place were you can get a pedicure, manicure, wax AND the latest nail trends?  It is very difficult to find a nail shop that caters to all your desires while being sanitary and comfortable. It is all possible at S Nail Lounge, located at 2546 E. Jolly road in Lansing. The S stands for Susan Hoang, the owner and first chair. Her unique technique, clean space and huge selection of nail colors, makes her popular with her clients. “Many trends now have a lot to do with shaping,” said Hoang: “coffin, square and anything tapered.”

“Black Panther”: The power of pride

Ever been to see a Marvel movie in theaters? If so, you may have noticed people dressing up as their favorite hero or villain.  Marvel Studios has now introduced a new superhero in its latest movie: T’challa, the King of Wakanda. The rest of the world knows him as Black Panther. Marvel fans appreciate the action in the movie Black Panther. Someone else may enjoy the fact that it shined light on a culture that has been traditionally overlooked.

The myths and realities of the ‘freshman 15’

When coming to college, many people experience a gain in weight, otherwise known as the “freshman 15.”

Arielle Tolbert is a junior at MSU majoring in computer engineering with a minor in theatre. She’s a certified personal trainer and a Miss Michigan pageant competitor. Tolbert recently published a book called “Get Fit! How to Gain the Freshman 15 of Muscle,” and released a clothing line called FITnessin. Originally, her uncle, a certified personal trainer, was her inspiration and guide behind getting in shape, until Tolbert got certified herself.

Fad diets aren’t reliable for health, MSU expert says

Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, Keto: The list is endless for popular fad diets in today’s health and fitness world. Every day there’s a new big thing for dieting, and people are taking the bait and trying new things all the time. It’s been proven that a clean, healthy diet is effective, so why are fad diets so popular? From veganism to macronutrient counting or detoxing and cleansing, there’s some kind of diet out there to intrigue just about anyone. Supplements like protein or branched chain amino acids (also known as BCAAs), to the more complex and new fad of taking collagen in just about every form, have popped up and become more popular since the beginning of health and fitness, but even more so recently.

Lash extensions: Everything you should know as a client or an aspiring lash technician

Whether you are getting lash extensions for the first time or want to get into this trending beauty industry, there are a few things you should know. Women’s interest in finding ways to lengthen their lashes with a lash extension technique was started in the late 1800s. There are different ways to accomplish fuller, longer lashes whether it is by mascara, false lashes or the latest technique of lash extensions. The current technique of lash extensions consists of single hairs being attached to existing eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive, according to Sugarlash Pro. These eyelash extensions come in different styles, lengths, colors and materials.

Makeup brands encouraged to bring diversity to foundation

Looking for the right color foundation can be pretty tricky. It can be especially hard when makeup companies don’t provide a color match that’s for your complexion. Tarte Cosmetics recently got called out for their lack of diversity in shades of foundation. The company released a new line of Shape Tape Foundations in both matte and hydrating formulas. Like many other makeup brands, Tarte failed to provide enough variety in the shades in its new release to complement all skin tones.

Four students from Detroit thrive in the beauty industry

Harmoni Florence, Lexus Ferrell, Dejah Greason and Saqoyia Price are all graduating seniors at Michigan State University who took their own crafts of the beauty industry and started local business near the Michigan State Campus. Coincidentally, these four ladies are all from the same high school, Detroit’s Cass Technical. Harmoni Florence is a senior at MSU studying human development and family studies. Florence started her hair business during her sophomore year and more recently added makeup to her services. “I had friends that would let me practice different types of styles on them until I perfected them.

Student organizations raise over $1,500 for charity on Valentine’s Day

Money doesn’t guarantee love, but for these MSU students it guaranteed a date. In collaboration with multiple student organizations on campus, The Gentleman’s Club hosted a charity date auction on Valentine’s Day which raised $1,565. All proceeds from the event were donated to the American Heart Association and Send a Kid to Prom, a foundation that funds prom expenses for high school students. “I thought the turnout was great,” said senior Tameron Baker, the creator of the organization. “I think for the first auction it went great, we raised more money than I thought we would get.”