Fresh International Market: transition from Asian to global market

Fresh International Market, previously the Oriental Mart, closed in September 2020 to renovate for four months and reopened in January 2021. The former Oriental Mart was the biggest Asian market in Meridian Township. It provided authentic Asian foods for local people. After the renovation, the market began to sell international foods.

Sparrow & MSU, front-line looks at vaccine distribution

As of March 22, Sparrow Hospital widened its vaccination criteria to those who are ages 50 and up, as well as people with medical conditions who are ages 16 and up and their caregiver family members and guardians. “It’s been an extremely busy and hectic time, but it’s been a really fun assignment,” said Sparrow Laboratories Manager Elizabeth Reust. “People are excited to get the vaccine, and we’re super pleased to be able to provide it to them.”

Following Ingham County’s March 15 COVID-19 update, we can see that COVID cases and hospitalizations are jumping up and down weekly, with an overall decline. The drive-thru at Sparrow began as a COVID-testing facility (previously a Sears Auto Center), in January of this year and morphed into a place for rapid-vaccination. This model allows for up to 1,000 vaccinations a day.

Olivia Nasiatka, senior at Cousino High School, holding her Michigan State University acceptance letter.

Remote learning creates challenges for Michigan high school seniors preparing for college

FacebookOlivia Nasiatka, senior at Cousino High School, holding her Michigan State University acceptance letter. As high school seniors across Michigan approach graduation, many have spent most of their school year in front of a computer screen. School districts throughout the state had implemented remote learning to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect students, teachers and staff. 

For students continuing their education, some say online learning has created challenges as they prepare for college.  

Olivia Nasiatka, senior at Cousino High School, said she feels online learning has not set her up to be successful in college. 

“Most teachers have been super lax about everything,” said Nasiatka. “Of course, kids would prefer it to be like this, but we’re missing out on almost half a year of material. It’s going to be a big shock for kids next year when they find out that their college classes won’t be as laid back.”

College application process

Remote learning has led to difficulties in the college application process for some students.

Superintendent John Hood discusses his passion for the Okemos School District and community during a Zoom Interview.

Okemos schools rated the best district in Lansing

Niche, a community data website, rated the Okemos Public Schools the number one district in the Lansing area and the fourth-best district in Michigan. Other ratings include an A+ in teaching, academics and college prep.

Among the information provided, Okemos schools rank 18 of 561 under Districts with the Best Teachers in Michigan and 23 of 552 under Best Places to Teach in Michigan. Niche analyzes comprehensive data on colleges, school districts and communities. It collects data from different sources and conducts its own research to provide accurate information every day. 

Assistant Principal of Okemos High School, Lamanzar Williams, said he is proud to be a part of the school community. 

“We all play a role in the collective success of the students,” Williams said. “The hard work of our students, families, and teachers [show commitment] to educating students at a high level.”

Superintendent John Hood has worked in the Okemos Public Schools for 24 years.