East Lansing community votes on income tax

The City of East Lansing held its meeting for the 2018 East Lansing Income Tax Ballot Proposal on June 20 at the East Lansing Public Library. City Manager stressed the urgent need for this tax because of multiple financial difficulties the city is experiencing. Some community members expressed worries about the proposed tax, and city official highlighted the need for more community input and turnout at the voting booth. Voting for the policy begins Aug. 7.

Schools of choice: Change & challenge

It’s been about two decades since Michigan adopted Schools of Choice. The program is one of several responses to funding and quality issues. See how Schools of Choice decisions are made in Ingham County, and how choices over 20 years have affected the county’s 12 public school districts.

Suicide problem is widespread in United States

This is a map showing states with the highest suicides, according to CBS News. The southern and western states have more suicides. Each State, except Alaska is colored, and listed. You can notice that the states with the highest are next to each other. This map was made in light of the suicide rating of African American children going up.

By the numbers: The current school climate in New York City

NEW YORK — A new report released last week by the Office of New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer evaluates the current climate within New York City schools in relation to school safety and security. The study found students are reporting there is more bullying happening within their schools. Additionally, the report discovered that in schools where there are a greater number of violent incidents that occur on campus, there are no social workers on staff. Below are some more key highlights of the report.

Abortion clinics and pregnancy help centers in the Lansing area

The topic of reproductive health can be taboo and often a difficult thing to discuss. This makes finding the right center to help very difficult. Everybody has unique needs, schedules, belief systems, and economic situations. This chart breaks down some of the details to make a woman’s choice between clinics a bit easier. “Having the ability to get counseling about these difficult decisions makes life as a woman just a bit easier,” Taylor Conrad said.

New state laws aim to curb opioid addiction

In efforts to slow the spread of the ongoing opioid epidemic, Michigan legislators passed a 10-bill package in December of 2017 containing laws which went into effect on June 1st. “Opioid addiction is a major public health crisis,” U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) said. “It’s happening right now in our state, really the whole country, and the youth are also affected.”

Peters expressed hopefulness about the bill’s attempt to educate patients on the dangers of opioids and provide more information for adolescents. This 10-bill package lays out new guidelines for doctors on Michigan’s Automated Prescription System (MAPS), and holds them responsible for prescribing smaller doses and explaining all possible side effects. “This is another tool in the box to help the opioid epidemic,” Rep. Joseph Bellino (R) said.

Tampons, pads cost money in Michigan’s women’s prison

Despite being a necessity for women’s health and personal hygiene, menstrual pads/ tampons continue to be out of reach for some of the most vulnerable members of society in the United States. Not only do the poor have to learn to deal with these less than ideal conditions, but women in American prisons face the same struggle. Menstrual products in federal prisons became free the summer of 2017, but women in state prisons across the country aren’t as lucky. Lack of menstrual hygiene products do more than make women uncomfortable during their period. They cause staining of their clothes, and there are health risks involved.

student creating a poster

Our education system is rapidly changing

Our students today are learning in an environment that is constantly updating itself. From the research in universities to the new standards in curriculum, teachers are at the forefront in preparing our children for the world that they eventually will be going into.