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100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans

Reuniting Jews, Christians and Muslims

From David Crumm on Read the Spirit: “More than 100 Girl Scouts from across Michigan gathered at the internationally renowned Detroit Institute of Arts for a one-day challenge to explore the many religious themes in the DIA’s collection. This elaborately … Continue reading

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Faith helps low-income U.S. Muslims cope

A study finds that while U.S. Muslims are about as likely as non-Muslims to earn more than $100,000 a year, more than a third of Muslim households have combined incomes of $30,000 a year or less. The data comes in … Continue reading

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Toronto Raptors announce team-branded hijabs

The Toronto Raptors took to Twitter to announce a hijab, co-branded by the basketball team and Nike. The tweet, with a video showing women playing basketball, said: Inspired by those brave enough to change the game. The Toronto Raptors Nike … Continue reading

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Ramadan ends on June 4

The Muslim month of Ramadan ends at sunset today. For Muslims who have been fasting every day since May 5, as well as their families and friends, this will mean great celebration and the end of a long long period … Continue reading

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What to say to Muslims during Ramadan

What could be a better month to learn about your Muslim neighbors than the holy month of Ramadan? When we were writing “100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans, with a Guide to Islamic Holidays,” several questions revolved around Ramadan. … Continue reading

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‘Democracies die behind closed doors’

The man who gave us that powerful idea, Judge Damon Keith, died this morning at age 96. Many are attesting to what we have lost. His quote is repeated, paraphrased or abridged so often it is sometimes disconnected from its … Continue reading

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Christians, Muslims likely to remain world’s top religions

Jeff Diamant of the Pew Research Center makes some fascinating comparisons about global populations of Christians and Muslims. The Bias Busters series loves Pew for its precision, authority and focus on contemporary issues. If you are as interested in the … Continue reading

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Arab Americans’ Census request unlikely to come true

It looks as though the 2020 Census will go to press without the box Arab Americans have been asking for. According to NBC, the issue is that, while the Census Bureau classifies Arabs as White, many do not feel they … Continue reading

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Bias Busters diversity quiz tests your cultural competence IQ

Welcome to the Bias Busters site. This connects to guides that answer more than 1,500 questions that everyone wonders about, but that they may be reluctant to ask because they don’t want to bruise feelings or appear to not know … Continue reading

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A Muslim and a Buddhist on death row: 2 fates

Ethicists, lawyers and people across the political spectrum are troubled by this pair of decisions. On Feb. 7, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a stay for a Muslim man on death row who was not allowed to have a spiritual … Continue reading

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