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100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans

Is Arab term ‘boater’ offensive or affectionate?

The Arab American News in Dearborn, Michigan, has been publishing occasional articles that break down stereotypes and practices that explain the ways of Arab Americans. The latest is about the term “boaters,” which refers to recent immigrants, whether they came … Continue reading

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New book on Arab youths offers hope

Juan Cole, who writes the Informed Content blog about the history and context of developments in the Middle East has a new book out this month, The New Arabs: How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Middle East. A New … Continue reading

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Casey Kasem fought Arab stereotypes in pop culture

Jack Shaheen, who wrote the foreword for 100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans, reflects about the late Casey Kasem on the United Arab Emirates The National. Kasem, who was Arab American, was a disc jockey, music historian, radio personality … Continue reading

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