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Asian American students in 6 words

Check out Chalkbeat’s Student Voices project in which Asian American students use six-word stories, artwork, poetry and music to comment on the times they’re experiecning. Kelly Shi, 15, of Queens, New York, is one student who contributed more than one … Continue reading

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What does APIDA mean?

This year’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which begins May 1, continues to evolve. There are at least three factors changing the month, first recognized as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in 1990. It had previously been just … Continue reading

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Arabs and Muslims: Not the same

As Arab American Heritage Month concludes, James Zogby writes in The Nation about a lifetime of slights, large and small, over his ethnicity. Zogby is a pollster and founder and president of the Arab American Institute. He recounts slurs, being … Continue reading

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Did Justin Bieber commit cultural appropriation again?

Justin Bieber has been accused, again, of appropriating Black culture for having his hair styled in dreadlocks, an ethnic hairstyle. Is it wrong to adopt an identifying characteristic of a culture one does not share? The answer is debated. It … Continue reading

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Online vigil on April 22 for Indianapolis FedEx shootings

The Sikh Coalition is inviting people to an online vigil on Thursday, April 22, for the people killed and hurt in the shootings at Indianapolis’ large FedEx warehouse. Eight people have died, including four members of the Sikh community. #StandWithSikhsSikhs … Continue reading

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The Blue Wall of Silence and the police killing of George Floyd

The Blue Wall of Silence, also called the Blue Code or the Blue Shield, is a protective silence by police about officers who commit crimes, including police brutality. The murder trial of Derek Chauvin, charged with killing George Floyd in … Continue reading

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COVID protocols for Muslims during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan, now being celebrated by Muslims around the world, is having some COVID-related adjustments. CNN answers questions about what is different about this, the second Ramadan to fall under the shadow of the pandemic. The answers … Continue reading

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What is Vaisakhi?

This colorful holiday, celebrated on April 13 or 14, is recognized by Sikhs and Hindus. It marks the beginning of the Sikh and Hindu new year, which follows a solar calendar. For Sikhs Vaisakhi, also called Baisakhi, has historical and … Continue reading

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Images that bred racism now used to fight it

By Dina Kaur “It’s not going to do any good for us to pretend that hatred does not exist,” said Ruth Ann Jones during a Michigan State University Libraries special collections Zoom session: Unpacking Racist Stereotypes. The April 1 session … Continue reading

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Ramadan greetings in Arabic and English

What do you say to a Muslim at Ramadan? You may greet the person in their everyday language or in Arabic, the language of Islam. Most Muslims in the world are not Arabs, but they use the language in their … Continue reading

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