Is Holi religious, cultural or just colorful fun?

Holi has elements of culture, religion, and some enjoy it just for the color runs or to post on Instagram photo of people throwing — or wearing — handfuls of colorful powder. It is photogenic, to be sure.

People celebrate Holi with colorful dyes

Shubham Bochiwal photo via Unsplash

Hindus and members of several other religions celebrate Holi, and it has grown far beyond its South Asian origins.

Holi’s real significance is that it marks the new life of spring. It is an ancient, joyfully exuberant time when generational and social boundaries are broken. Often, Indians throw their Holi celebrations open to the wider community.

While many celebrate Holi as a colorful rite of spring, recognizing its roots, its significance to people and the brotherhood it promotes makes the holiday more meaningful .

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