Virus spawns Anti-Asian racism

As the coronavirus outbreak grows, so are slights against Chinese people.

A blog reports that social media trolling about the virus is crossing over into daily life in Toronto.

A U.S. college student yesterday told a professor how hurt she was when a classmate held his sweater over his mouth and nose while sitting near her.

And an Asian-American friend said she has become self-conscious about coughing or sneezing in public.

On Friday, CNN reported that the disease is fueling racism and xenophobia. The Washington Post today recalls anti-Asian racism surrounding the 2003 SARS outbreak and says it does not have to happen again.

It seems conditions are ripe for this kind of secondary disease. Get the facts about East Asian cultures and how this disease is reviving some old stereotypes. “100 Questions and Answers About East Asian Cultures” is available from Amazon or the Front Edge Publishing bookstore.

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