Christians, Muslims likely to remain world’s top religions

Jeff Diamant of the Pew Research Center makes some fascinating comparisons about global populations of Christians and Muslims.

The Bias Busters series loves Pew for its precision, authority and focus on contemporary issues. If you are as interested in the state of religions as we are, as well as a host of others, we recommend you add some Pew bookmarks to your toolbar and follow its feeds.

Here are a couple Pew highlights, followed by some good links.

Diamint uses data from Pew’s Future of World Religions analysis to show “the global Muslim population is more heavily concentrated in Islam’s main population centers than the global Christian population is for Christianity, which is more widely dispersed around the world.”

Furthermore, Diamint shows that while there are about 2.3 billion Christians in the world and 1.8 billion Muslims today, that gap is expected to nearly close by 2060. Pew projects there will be 3 billion Christians and nearly 3 billion Muslims then. Credit Muslims generally being younger and having more children. The Unitd States is expected to remain the country with the largest Christian population.

* Diamint’s report
* Pew’s religion and society page
* Pew newsletters

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