Arab publisher challenges ‘city of terrorists’ label

The Arab American News, published in Dearborn, Michigan, has challenged the city’s prominence of the U.S. watch list of terrorists and suspected terrorists. The list says Dearborn is second only to New York City for the number of people on the list.

Muslim woman holds American flag

Muslim and American/Photo from The Arab American News

Rankings were reported by The Intercept and picked up by other media.

Published and edited by Osama Siblani, The Arab American News writes:

“Dearborn is not a nest for terrorists; and if there are suspected terrorists in the city, let the government investigate them and then clear them or try them. But it is unacceptable to suspect that an entire community is terrorist because of the faith and/or ethnicity of its citizens.

“Dearborn is a harbor for innovation, diversity and tolerance.

“We are not terrorists. We are productive Americans—doctors, lawyers, artists and students.

“While being on the classified watch list carries no legal ramifications—for now—the news that Dearborn is second on the list is disastrous for the city and the community.”

Siblani consulted on “100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans,” which addresses the issue of terrorism. A similar guide about Muslim Americans is in the works for this fall at the Michigan State University School of Journalism.

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