Grandville pastor uses video sermons, email Bible studies to keep congregation together

Courtesy of Grandville United Methodist ChurchGrandville United Methodist Church in Grandville, Michigan. If Christian churches can be boiled down to one steadfast purpose, it’s keeping the faith and spreading the word of God. When the COVID-19 pandemic halted the world and life as we know it, keeping the faith became more difficult, as thousands died from the virus, and spreading the word simply became harder to do without face-to-face interaction. But one pastor, in a small church, in a small town in Michigan, wouldn’t take no for an answer in either facet. 

“This is something that most people of any age have not faced in their lifetime,” said Rev. Ryan Wieland of Grandville United Methodist Church. “People are stressed and overwhelmed.

Pope reaffirms ban on female ordination; Catholic women divided

Debrah MiszakLansing Diocese director of consecrated vocations Dawn Hausmann with an image of Pope John Paul II. Considered a saint by the church, he established the “theology of the body,” which states that people have different roles to play in the world according to their biological sex. As American women grapple with their role in society during  a Democratic primary which has featured a record number of female candidates, American Catholic women are struggling with their position in the church. In February, the Vatican released a document summarizing the 2019 Amazon synod — a meeting of bishops and stakeholders in that region. The document did not provide a final answer on the synod’s hottest topics: the ordination of women to serve as deacons and the ordination of mature, married men to the priesthood.

Women religious set 2020 social justice priorities

LANSING — While the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops garners much attention as the leading voice of the church in the U.S., the Leadership Council of Women Religious — which represents 35,000 Catholic sisters — is also working on a number of social justice issues. The council holds political power, as sisters take part in legal advocacy and activism which can influence lay Catholics across the country. The council, which is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, is composed of leadership from 300 congregations. As such, it represents 80% of women religious, a term that refers to Catholic sisters, across the country. In the past 40 years, the Council has become much more active both on issues in the institutional Church and in American society.

Pace the Priest 5k unites community

Runners gather for a pre-race prayer by Pastor Mark Rutherford. Photo by Eli Atzenhoffer. On a chilly morning on Oct. 12, participants in the Pace the Priest 5k gathered for a pre-race prayer before setting off on their run. As runners took their place at the starting line, a group of children lined the sidewalk cheering for friends and family members embarking on a scenic journey through Williamston.

Watch Focal Point: racist incidents at MSU, California passes progressive reproductive law and more.

On this episode of Focal Point News, we bring you breaking news about racial and ethnic incidents challenging MSU’s inclusivity on campus. Meanwhile, California passed a new law requiring some universities to offer abortion pills, and Spartan students weigh-in with their thoughts. While men, women and children dressed up as Wonder Woman for a 5k last week to empower women and celebrate their accomplishments, Michigan State cautioned certain costume choices for Halloween this year to be as respectful as possible. Swinging over to sports, MSU’s Men’s Basketball team made history by snagging the number one slot in the preseason rankings. Plus, find out what makes running relaxing in the mind of a cross-country Spartan.