Walsh donates 2% raise to local organizations including the CRC

Maisy Nielsen The Community Resources Commission meeting on Feb. 12. Members listen as Georgia Styka (pictured far left) provides her input on fundraising ideas. 

Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh’s contract was renewed through 2022 at the Jan. 21 township board meeting. He received a 2% raise, which he donated to two local organizations, the Community Resources Commission and the Meridian Garden Club. 

According to the press release, both the CRC and the Meridian Garden Club will receive $700 each this year.

Meridian Township Board supports Jolly Road’s diet

The Meridian Township Board voted unanimously to support the Ingham County Road Department’s road-diet plan to change Jolly Road from four to three lanes. A road diet is a technique in transportation planning where the number of travel lanes and/or effective width of the road is reduced to improve the flow of traffic. Rick Shafer, a former Traffic and Transportation Committee member said that when he first first heard about the project, he thought it seemed counterintuitive to restrict traffic to three lanes. Currently, one lane is typically used for through traffic while the other lane is used for right turns and the inner, eastbound lane is used for left turns, for example at Okemos High School and Hiawatha Elementary School. The Ingham County Road Department met with the Okemos School District to review whether the high school’s traffic flow can be improved for better overall efficiency. 

“There will still be four lanes, but they would be reassigned to how they are being used, especially at peak hours, particularly to access the high school,” said Bill Conklin, manager of the Ingham County Road Department.

2020 Meridian Township Road plan benefits motorists ‘and’ cyclists

The proposed 2020 Road Plan for Ingham County that recommends Jolly Road be repaved from four lanes of traffic to three will decrease automobile traffic woes and also keep cyclists safer, said Tim Potter, a member of the Meridian Township Transportation Committee and MSU’s sustainable transportation manager. The four lanes have two lanes going in each direction and the proposed three-lane reduction would change it to one lane in each direction with an added center turn lane. According to emails from community residents and communication records in the meeting agenda, many residents are concerned that the reduction of lanes will increase problems because the intersections are already high traffic areas and lack signals. Tim Potter is an
administrator for two groups on Facebook: Friends of Complete Streets for
Meridian Township and Friends of Meridian Township Pathways. The groups discuss
riding conditions for bikes paths, and they also promote safety and additional
design for transportation paths.

Women for Tri encourages women to become triathletes

Meet Cindy Erickson, an Okemos resident who has supported women in triathlons. Photo by Julian Stainback. Cindy Erickson likes to surround herself with strong women. She is the ambassador for Women for Triathlon, a program that encourages women to join triathlons. The program hosted an information session at the Playmakers’ community room in Okemos.

School of Rock offers multiple musical opportunities

School of Rock, which provides musical instruments and band performances for all ages of students, recently had its grand opening at its store at 2037 W. Grand River Ave. in Okemos. School of rocks is located Grand River Ave, Okemos. Photo by Cassie Huang. Jon Jackinchuk, the owner and general manager of School of Rock has been playing music for more than 20 years.