Watch Focal Point: multiple wildfires in California, Joe Bachie suspended by Big Ten and more.

On this episode of Focal Point News, we take a look at a group of sustainable students that received funding from the state to make CATA Bus stops safer. California’s ongoing wildfires continue to ravage the state with strong Santa Ana winds spreading the flames. Some spartan ghost hunters take us on an exclusive search for spooky activity. Joe Bachie is suspended indefinitely after testing positive for a drug banned by the Big Ten conference. East Lansing residents will be voting for city council members Tuesday, with six candidates running for three spots.

Supreme Court rejects redistricting in Michigan

The Supreme Court has rejected a ruling that would have required district lines to be redrawn in Michigan. In April, three federal judges, including two from Michigan and one from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, ruled the current lines are drawn unconstitutionally to benefit the G.O.P. before the 2020 election. They said it suppressed Democratic voters. Two months later, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 they have no place to determine partisan gerrymandering cases. On October 21st, they dismissed the case entirely.

Proposed amendment would let judges serve after age 70

A proposed constitutional amendment would abolish the age limit for Michigan judges, but not in time for current state Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman who will be too old to run again next year. We talk to the chief sponsor, from Wyoming, an Ottawa County judge and AARP. Cosponsors include a Wolverine lawmaker. Among the judges forced out last year because of age are ones from Ingham, Grand Traverse, Kent, Delta, Iron, Newaygo, Missaukee, Leelanau and Keweenaw counties. By Eric Freedman.

American news content baffles international students

How well does the U.S. news media cover events beyond our borders? Not too well, according to MSU students from Brazil, Canada, Germany and France, even when it’s a major story elsewhere, such as the wildfires in the Amazon. As one put it: “It might be a cliché, but I feel that some Americans think they are alone in this world. And the major news outlets in America reflect that.” By Kamryn Romano.