Waverly school board race intensifies

The Waverly school board race that once did not have enough candidates to fill the ballot for four open seats now has seven candidates. Four people met the Oct. 26 deadline to run as write-in candidates, Eaton County Clerk Diana Bosworth said. They are:

Multiple news sources of Lansing keep balance between one another

By Ella Kovacs
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

The Lansing area has several print news sources to keep its community up to date on all the happenings around them. While these publications are similar in some ways, they differ in content or audience, creating a well-rounded collection of publications. However, working with these differences can be a challenge to ensure that news is not repeated exactly in multiple different sources. The audience to these print publications varies, but according to Roy Cunningham, the only people who read the news are older people. Cunningham is a 74-year-old Lansing area local, who reads “anything from City Hall,” he said.

First presidential election brings clash to small towns

By Eric Finkler
GRAND LEDGE, MI – The trickle-down effect may or may not create jobs, but the strife between Republican and Democratic Parties certainly trickles down into small communities following a presidential debate. On Thursday, Oct. 4, after the debate, both parties have made advertisements highlighting the negatives of their opponents and the positives of their candidates which reflected the feelings of Grand Ledge residents

“I was disappointed in the debate,” said Grand Ledge resident, Christine Walker. “I’ve been watching the debates since 64′ and this was probably the most tedious one I’ve seen.”

“Romney was well prepared; it felt like he had memorized and repeated stats the entire time. It lost my attention.