National campaign ‘It’s on Us’ comes to Michigan State

This week was ‘It’s on Us’ week at Michigan State University. ‘It’s on Us’ is a national campaign that wants to end sexual violence on college campuses. “We know that, statistically, it just happens more on college campuses all around the nation,” Leah Short, a programing specialist with the Prevention, Outreach and Education Department said. “I think that everyone should be having this conversation at every age.” Events this week ranged from music and art therapy to a “Teal Out” on Friday, the color that represents sexual assault awareness.

Anti-abortion flags placed on campus

Protect Life at Michigan State University, an anti-abortion student organization group, organized the event on October 8th called “Cemetery of the Innocence.” The group placed 927 red flags on the corner of Farm and North Shaw Lanes to bring attention to lives lost to abortion. Flags placed near Farm Lane. “Our goal is to raise awareness,” Christen Pollo said. “Help people figure out what they believe about the issue.”

Watch Focal Point: General Motors Strike, East Lansing rent increase and more

On this edition of Focal Point News, General Motors workers are on strike for equal benefits. Also, students moving into the newest East Lansing sky rise, The Hub, experienced some unexpected complications. Plus, East Lansing and Ann Arbor were listed in the top ten for fastests growing rent. 

In sports, Michigan State football had a homecoming date with Indiana last week, with a high scoring affair between the two teams. 

In entertainment, Spider Man is set to return to the big screen. 

These stories and more on Focal Point. 

Exclusive with Dansville American Idol Contestant

“My life was music, so naturally they followed suit,” Bill Moran, father of American Idol contestant Jacob Moran, said

So, this was no surprise for Bill when Jacob got the call. “American Idol actually ended up reaching out to me, said Jacob Moran, American Idol contestant. “I was in my last month of nursing school so it wasn’t really ideal timing,” said Jacob. That’s when Jacob was asked to audition for American Idol. A nurse by night, but this coming Sunday, he managed to get the night off.

2020 presidential race on the clock

The 2020 race for president is beginning as new candidates announce their bids. Candidates who have officially announced their candidacy bids include Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Senator Kamala Harris, who is the only African American woman in the running so far, and New Jersey Senator Corey Booker. It’s still early, more nominations will no doubt be coming. Will Joe Biden enter the race? Will Texas Senator Beto O’Rourke put his hat in the ring?

One year after the Nassar case, she’s become a hero

It’s been a year since Judge Rosemarie Aquilina put Larry Nassar behind bars for life. Today, she calls herself an “accidental hero.” From being on the Today show to standing the survivors at the ESPYs, Judge Aquilina has become an advocate, which has made her a lot busier. “I get asked to do motivational speaking,” she said. Not only has she broadened her possibilities to make change, but, emotionally, she’s a bigger person.

WATCH: California fire spreads, CA Fire receiving too many donations, slippery winter roads, garage explosion, Michelle Obama and Affirmative Action

This week on the Spartan News Update: California fires spread, destroying communities. CA Fire are receiving too many donations, and pets have been displaced. Slippery winter roads are upon us in Michigan. A garage exploded in Oklahoma. Michelle Obama speaks about Affirmative Action and her experience at Princeton University.

Watch Focal Point: Special Election Coverage

On this special election episode of Focal Point News, we break down everything leading up one of the most anticipated midterm election in years. From campaign trails to ballot proposals, Focal Point dissects each candidate, their values and what they would bring to Michigan’s leadership. The state was star-studded the weeks leading up to the election with appearances from past and present government officials including Vice President Mike Pence and former President Barack Obama. Some of the proposals on the ballot this year revolved around gerrymandering, the legalization of recreational marijuana and easier voting registration. All this and more on this election edition of Focal Point News.

‘Voters Not Politicians’ pushing Michiganders to vote Yes on Proposal 2

It is basically Abby Schwartz’ second career. “It gets a little bit easier each time,” said Voters Not Politicians canvasser, Abby Schwartz. Each week, Schwartz trains her army of canvassers on Gerrymandering. Margaret Tassaro is just one of them. “Gerrymandering is not a flashy subject, so people don’t necessarily know what it is.

WATCH: Trumps wants to alter the 14th amendment, Border Patrol arrives, and Halloween safety tips.

This week on the Spartan News Update: President Donald Trump says he plans to alter the 14th amendment which grants citizenship to U.S. born residents. U.S. soldiers arrived with equipment at joint base San Antonio. There was a school shooting threat at a Minnesota high school. Rocky Lombardi impresses audience in his first start bringing up questions at who will start against Maryland. An underwater costume contest occurred in Florida.