Tan or white? Different cultures suggest different standards

When the seasons change from summer to fall, many Asian girls start their repair and whitening routine to get rid of their suntanned skin tone. However, at the same time, many American girls go to tanning stores and pay for a tan bath in order to get a beautiful, evenly honey skin. Walk in the cosmetic stores, and many Asian girls would choose to buy lighter color foundation, which might originally be designed for white people. And many Asian celebrities love to make their skin look like white as pale. But many American celebrities tend to have darker, skin colors.

A new way to experience art: Sense of self


The art event “Sense of Self” is about accessible art and disability studies, and was held at Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. This art event unites MSU students’ literature and art class works, focusing on art accessibility across the visual disability spectrum. Visitors are encouraged to use all different senses to enjoy and interact with the artworks.  



Peiyu Chen, Artist

“This project was created by many different materials including fabric, wood and canvas.  I want to show a story about a person who realized that he was losing all his memories and wanted to catch those pieces by his hand.

Studying abroad changed these Asian students’ style  

According to the Office for International Students and Scholars of Michigan State University, the population of international students choosing to study in the U.S. has increased in recent years. In fall 2016, 7,264 international students enrolled Michigan State University, though it decreased by 304 students from the previous year. In the last five years, international student enrollment has grown 10 percent at MSU. 

Besides coming to college for education, international students must learn the culture of living in the U.S.  Does this study abroad experience change international students’  fashion style, lifestyle, and even their thoughts? This is the third year that Marsya Mohd Johari has studied at MSU. She is originally  from Malaysia.

Social media celebrities have an impact on fashion industry

College students spend large amounts of time on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, etc. Every smartphone user tends to use one or several social media app in their daily life. Users can easily share their life through words, photos and video with their followers, and they also build different figures on different social media. Advertising junior Tianyi Xie said she basically shares three different figures on different social media. “On Instagram, I only post my best selfies or high quality photography, because I want to leave people a high-level and decent impression,” Xie says.

Skin issues caused by winter weather

Michigan’s winter has come, followed with months of snow and windy days. People are starting to spend more time indoors to avoid the terrible weather. Some people might already have started to notice there are variety skin problems caused by the change of weather, such as dryness, itching and redness. “I do not enjoy Michigan’s winter that much,” Qiuyi Yang, an international student from Chengdu China complained. “I grow up in a warm and humid city,” so even after four years, “my body still not used to Michigan’s weather.”

Yang said, due to the dryness, her face tended to lose the balance of water and oil, at the same time her face might get redness.