The Farmer’s Market moves indoors for the winter

The Meridian Township Farmer’s market in the summer is located in the Central Park Pavilion at 5151 Marsh Road in Okemos and moves in the winter to the JC-Penney corridor of the Meridian Mall. “We have about 21 vendors on average, everything from produce to hot food is ready to eat come on by” said Corey Patrick, the Farmer’s Market manager. 

Also, market sales Michigan strawberries, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables on Summer. Pumpkins in the fall, and hot foods on Winter. Most of the products sold are mainly grown in the state. Many customers gathered at one market stall, the owner was a woman with her bakery products.

Part-time job rates for high school students decrease as course loads increase

Spartan Newsroom Reporters Sean Gardner, Rachel Hitchcock, Chiehyi Tsui and Allison Smith examined the impact and prevalence of working a part-time job while in high school. Video Credit: Sean Gardner and Chiehyi Tsui

Students are less likely to work a part-time job today as opposed to a few decades ago for a number of reasons. A higher rate of high school and college attendance is the biggest contributor. Substantial course loads require more time set aside for schoolwork, but rising college tuition rates lead many students to work to save up in preparation for the costs. Other students work to pay for everyday expenses like gas and food.