Estimating the cost of two approaches to protecting children from water contaminated by lead.

Drinking water filters eyed as better option to testing in schools and day care centers

LEADINWATER: Children’s health advocates are pushing to install drinking water filters in Michigan schools and child care centers instead of using a costlier system of testing for lead in the water. The move could cost about $55 million in the first year, but that’s still cheaper than the “test and tell ” method that includes testing of all drinking water fixtures and then replacing those that test positive for lead above a set action level. By Vladislava Sukhanovskaya. FOR ALL POINTS

September is best time to get your flu shot before the season begins

FLU VACCINATION: Health officials expect this flu season to be worse than last year, when COVID precautions helped tamp down the spread of influenza. September and October are the best times to get your shot to stay ahead of the flu but the shots can be helpful even toward the end of the flu season, next spring and summer. We talk to an immunization specialist with the state, the head of the Barry-Eaton health department and an MSU doctor. By VLADISLAVA SUKHANOVSKAYA. For LANSING and ALL POINTS.