The BBL journey

Starria: What inspired you to get a BBL (Brazilian butt lift)? Kierra: I just wanted my body to be shaped differently. I don’t have anything against plastic surgery as long as it’s not a life threatening procedure or an excessive amount of surgeries because some people get addicted to

Starria: How did you prepare mentally, financially and physically? Kierra: I prepared mentally by doing a ton of research. On surgeons and patient reviews.

Best dressed: Taking cues from Internet celebrities

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing various models or celebrities dressed to the T can have an affect on how some girls view themselves and the way they dress. Camry Hardy, a senior studying biology at Xavier University of Louisiana, shares her experience through a brief Q&A. Starria: Where did you get your outfit in the picture from? Camry: Fashion Nova, it’s an online fashion store. Starria: How long have you been shopping there?

Fashion pressure in the city

If you grew up in a poppin’ city like Detroit, a city filled with creativity, then you know there was always pressure to stay up on the latest trends and look your best whenever the opportunity was presented. Most Detroit public schools require students to wear a uniform; however, there are special occasions (free dress day, field day, school dance, etc.) where students are given the opportunity to express themselves through clothing.  “Free dress days to me was a day to show people what I always look at,” MSU junior studying apparel and textile designs Ayron Gillam said. “I’m always looking at clothes and different magazines, clothes, brands, etc., so on those days I got a chance to show people my vision.”

Expressing yourself through the way you dress is all based upon what you’re exposed from in person interaction, different social media outlets or television. “I was able to move from Detroit to the West Coast and was exposed to a different element of dressing,” Gillam said.

The perfect fit

Almost every woman has experienced that feeling, when your heart skips a beat the moment you walk into a store and see the mannequin’s outfits. Immediately you rush to find that one item you spotted out, but once you try it on, it may not fit right or look as good as you thought. In that moment, uncertainty starts to arise: Maybe if I get another size, if I did my makeup then, or maybe if my hair was done, it would look better. Frequent online/in-store shopper and Lansing resident Bria Hall knows that “not everything will look as good on your body as it did on the rack, whether it’s the wrong material, too small or too big.”

   “For my body type, the first thought is I’m glad I tried it on before I bought it,”  Hall said. Some women may think that they are the only ones who face the issue of not finding their perfect fit; however, many women probably face the same issues.

Physical and mental health improvements for seniors in Holt

At the Sam Corey Senior Center in Holt, seniors come to exercise, stretch and have a good time. “I believe that government assistance is a great thing, it supports a lot of seniors, like me, in many ways,” Mary Atkinson, Sam Corey senior visitor said. “I am retired now and can’t afford all of the things that are needed for my health. I am on Medicare and it is very helpful knowing that the government is helping me in any way possible. I appreciate the things that are being done for me like covering my hospitals visit and medication for my blood pressure.”

Senior health has been a major concern in the United States, with inventions like Life Alert, advantages like American Association of Retired Persons or assistance with Medicare.

Meals On Wheels brings food and fun to seniors in Holt

The Sam Corey Senior Center was the first place built for seniors to come and congregate in Delhi Township. Every Wednesday, the center holds Meals on Wheels, an event where seniors benefit from the nutrition program that offers hot meals. The program is run by volunteers and benefits all residents 55-years and older. This October, the Center hosted a special Halloween edition where everyone, including volunteers and visiting seniors, wore costumes to show their spirit.