In Buffalo, there is a large gap between city and suburban public schools

BUFFALO, N.Y. — In a mid-size city with about 260,000 people, there are many options for parents when it comes to where they want to send their children to school. Three main options are public schools, private schools and charter schools. Cost of tuition, the quality of academics and the location play a large role in any parent’s decision. The school system in Buffalo has not changed much from years ago. There has unfortunately always been a large gap between Buffalo public schools and public schools in the suburbs.

Already okay in some states, should medical or recreational marijuana use be legal everywhere?

The legalization of marijuana has been a controversial and popular topic as individual states are beginning to legalize it for recreational use in addition to medical use, which is already legal in 29 states in the U.S.

Pharmacann LLC, the largest holder of medical marijuana cards in the state of Illinois, has 107 employees and 11 facilities which include three cultivation centers and eight dispensaries around the country. Pharmacann is also located in Massachusetts, Maryland and Pennsylvania. They are one of 10 registered organizations in the state of New York with a license to distribute medical marijuana. Jeremy Unruh, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Pharmacann LLC in Chicago, was previously a prosecuting attorney and switched over into the medical marijuana field. He explains that cannabis, a plant otherwise known as marijuana, is not dangerous compared to other things in our society.

As technology improves businesses, does it hinder personal interaction?

In the digital age that we live in, technology and social media have had a huge impact on relationships, society and as technology advances, businesses. Thanks to social media, we are connected to everyone in the world at our fingertips. With technologies such as smart phones and iPads, businesses are able to advertise their products and spread the word on social media. In any business, technology has also made everyday life more efficient and enables the expansion of their services throughout the world. “We live in a very digital age,” said Ann Mangan, academic advisor in the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo in New York state.

Will an abandoned Buffalo train station see a second life?

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Central Terminal, a 523,000 square foot and 271-foot-tall abandoned train station in the middle of Buffalo’s East Side, served as a booming hub of activity for thousands of traveling people starting in 1929. As years passed, increase in interstate highway systems and a decrease in population put the train station out of business and the final train pulled away in October 1979. Today, it sits abandoned in the middle of a blight and run down neighborhood, isolated from the improving downtown area. One of the main reasons why the Central Terminal has not been redeveloped yet by any group or private investor is because of its location in the East Side of Buffalo. Sam Hoyt, Democratic politician and Regional President of the Empire State Development Corp., explains why the location of the historic building has had an enormous effect on its redevelopment.

Cost of living in Buffalo is more affordable than other cities

BUFFALO, N.Y. — This upstate New York city is known for its stable prices when it comes to buying a house and a very affordable cost of living, which is why families are more inclined to raise their children in the area. Property taxes in Buffalo may seem high to homeowners coming out of state, but the tax rates are low and you get much more value and space for your money than you would in another city. Carol Esposito, a real estate agent ranked in the top 1 percent of Realtors in Western New York, says the prices in Buffalo are very stable because it’s a smaller market. “Buffalo has a very stable market that escalates every year,” said Esposito. “Supply and demand for move-in ready houses have brought up the prices drastically, so when there is a $200,000 to $300,000 move-in ready home, it’s gone in a second.”

Although taxes may be high for people coming from other parts of the country, Esposito explains that residents get a lot of perks for what they pay in taxes.

Local businesses thrive in upstate New York due to community

BUFFALO, N.Y. — What makes the city of Buffalo so unique is that it’s full of small and local businesses started by families and real people who turned an idea into a reality. Because of the tight-knit and supporting community, local businesses thrive all throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs. Ashker’s Juice Bar, located at 1002 Elmwood Ave. right in the middle of the city, is just one small business that has become so successful because of its loyal customers and authenticity. Ashker’s, the first juice bar in Western New York, was started nine years ago by Sarah Nasca and her boyfriend, Angelo Ashker.

Upstate New York taxi companies bracing for arrival of Uber in Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. — After a long wait, Uber and Lyft are finally coming to Buffalo on June 29. There are a lot of questions about the two ride sharing systems and how they will affect local taxi companies, such as Liberty Yellow Cab, because of their popularity. Airport Taxi is a company that drives customers to and from the Buffalo Niagara Airport and has a contract with the airport to be their sole car service. Now, those flying in and out of Buffalo will have the option to choose between Uber, Lyft and Airport Taxi. To compete with the convenient and popular Uber, Airport Taxi has thought about increasing their advertising and marketing on social media.

Is free college tuition in New York State a good idea?

BUFFALO, N.Y. — For many families around the country, college tuition can be a deciding factor when choosing a college. Tuition, room and board, travel costs and other expenses can add up when going to college, especially out-of-state. Has New York State finally found the solution to the burden that is college tuition? In April 2017, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a law that made college tuition free for certain students attending public universities. The program, named the Excelsior Scholarship, does not cover room and board or other fees and only applies to public universities, such as CUNY or SUNY.