Men's club lacrosse coach Cam Holding gives the team instructions. Holding joined the team three years ago.

Club sports vie for great attention, funding

Men’s lacrosse is one of many club sports at MSU that have been talked about when it comes to redefining the line between varsity and club. Club sports participants see such a move as one way to access additional resources and solve some of the common problems club sports teams face, including fund, organizational struggles and time management issues.

Michigan State racing team is ‘full-time go’

East Lansing has a hidden need for speed. One of the few signs on campus of Michigan State’s Formula Racing team is the small trailer tucked behind Snyder-Phillips Hall. But once you take a closer look, there’s so much more to uncover. The team’s shop is located on Jolly Road in Okemos, about a 15-minute drive southwest from the heart of MSU’s campus. Every night, the shop is busy, as about 20 people work machining, measuring, cutting, drilling, simulating and more.

A Spartan flags hangs inside inside the MSU Swimming and Diving facility in IM West on April 4.

MSU’s Israeli swimming duo adjust to American life

Tal Hanini knew he was in for a big change the second he stepped outside and saw his first Michigan snowfall. He quickly went back inside and grabbed a couple more layers before braving the elements. Hanini attempted to walk to his class, but got lost — a common occurrence during his freshman year. Asking for directions? Not as easy as it might seem with broken English, not knowing anybody in a sea of nearly 50,000 students.

Relationships changing between police and citizens in DeWitt and Bath Township

Relationships have changed with officers and citizens in Bath and DeWitt township after the nationwide news of police involved shootings and the activist groups that have formed because of these incidents. “Not everyone likes Police, and it’s just something we have to deal with,” Officer Avery Lyon of Bath Township said. Racial relations have been a constant issue between citizens and officers throughout the country. Many citizens feel afraid when having an encounter with an officer. “It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black,” Lyon said.

Election Day in DeWitt goes without major issues

DEWITT, Mich. — DeWitt residents lined up at the DeWitt Township Community Center as early as 6:30 a.m. in order to vote when the doors opened at 7 a.m.

Eugena Stahl, who has worked elections in DeWitt for more than 30 years, said that despite all the hubbub surrounding this presidential race, everything was going smoothly and as planned. “It’s going really well today,” Stahl said as she held a stack of ballots. “Everyone has been really positive and friendly so far.”

Resident Kimberly Miller enjoys voting and has made her pilgrimage to the polls ever since she turned 18. But something that happened to her for the first time earlier this afternoon made her a little uneasy.

DeWitt tests voting tabulators

When people show up to polling stations this Nov. 8, they’ll fill out their ballots, vote for their desired candidates and go on their way. Little do they know all the time, effort and double, triple and quadruple checking that goes into the voting process before the ballots are even entered into the system. In DeWitt Township, voting tabulators make the voting process easier. However, testing of the tabulators is anything but easy.

More on Cher’s visit to MSU

Cher, actress, singer, and winner of multiple Golden Globe, Grammy and Academy Awards, visited Michigan State University on Monday afternoon to urge the millenial generation to get out and vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.