#TakeAKnee: Is it your right?

The movement that we are now calling the #TakeAKnee protest has moved to the forefront of conversation in America and has garnered the attention of many. Some people, including President Donald Trump, are calling the movement disrespectful to the American flag and veterans who have fought for the country, while others say its meant to protest a long-standing battle against white supremacy in America. Former Michigan State University quarterback Bill Feraco, recalls his experiences during his journey to the Cotton Bowl of 1968, on the brink of the civil rights movement. Feraco remembers a somber time for his teammates after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King when it seemed that some of his teammates had had enough, and decided to do something about it.

MSU track & field team practicing at Ralph Young Field.

MSU providing resources to curb strain on student-athletes

Collegiate student-athletes have schedules that are rigorous and time-consuming. Calculate traveling throughout the year in there and you present another challenge that many students don’t face. According to Jeremy Thomas, MSU track and field and football academic coordinator, scholarship is a priority for MSU athletic teams and MSU’s Student-Athlete Support Services has things covered, providing more than 75 tutors for all student-athletes. In addition to tutors, the program has learning specialists who provide help at-risk students and students with learning disabilities. Thomas stresses that other than grit, MSU has other the tools and resources to help athletes be successful.