Veterans and counselors encourage awareness of PTSD and psychological trauma in Ingham County’s vets

All because your body is no longer in a place of war doesn’t mean your mind is safe at home. “If you’re in a combat situation or environment for seven months to a year … your brain is going to establish those things as the norm, and when you’re not in those situations anymore your brain is still going to process that you are,” says Logan Stark, a retired Marine Scout Sniper, about adjusting from combat to civilian life. Stark saw combat in the Middle East during his time in the Marine Corps and dealt with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, when he returned to the United States. Stark says there are many factors he calls “environmental stimulants” that can affect individuals in many different ways.

Impression 5 science center provides great interactive learning, but always room to improve, say residents and organization

LANSING — Science has a home in the heart of Ingham County. “What we are trying to achieve is giving a space for children to hone their scientific behavior, a space that they can explore things like critical thinking and collaboration and scientific content” says Erik Larson, executive director at the science and learning center Impression 5. Impression 5 is located in downtown Lansing and provides a unique and informal learning environment for children and their families to get excited about science. Larson says, “Impression 5 was created … to create an interactive learning environment so…

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Samaritas gives fresh starts to refugee children, seeks youth mentors in Greater Lansing

The factor that classifies someone as a refugee instead of an immigrant is a direct threat to their safety or the safety of their loved ones leaves no choice but to leave. Violence, natural disasters and other crises force people of all ages to flee; including some children and teenagers who leave behind their families and communities for a chance at life in a safe environment. The Michigan-based nonprofit organization Samaritas makes several areas in Michigan, including the Greater Lansing area, the safe haven for kids in such a situation. “We work only with youth that have been separated from their families so they’ve come over to the U.S. alone … we work only with people that have come into our program under the age of 18” says Mentor/Tutor Coordinator for Samaritas Celine Smith, explaining the focus demographic of the program she helps run.

Local, natural food valued by Ingham County residents; higher prices a sticking point

LANSING — Despite being a windy and cold first day of spring, the weekly farmers’ market held at the Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing on March 21 was full of energy with live music and several vendors selling locally grown and made products such as vegetables, coffee, and fresh bread. Residents of Ingham County enjoy coming to places like the Allen Farmers Market for locally grown, organic, and homemade food that gives them knowledge of what is in their food. However, the higher prices among those goods can make purchasing them consistently more difficult than mass-produced, less expensive products at normal grocery stores. “When I can I like to support local, because that is their livelihood … I mean there’s some times things that I can’t afford because I know …

Meridian Township sees higher rates of car-deer accidents than other Ingham County townships

OKEMOS — In the last several years, statistics from Michigan Traffic Crash Facts show Meridian Township in Ingham County has seen nearly double the number of car-deer accidents than the next highest number of accidents by township. Meridian Township implemented a deer management program that began in 2011, according to their website, and officials have seen a decrease in the number of accidents. Kelsey Dillon, a park naturalist for the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department, says they keep records of car accidents involving deer because of their deer management program. “We actually monitor car accident reports very closely and we work with our police department to … get that information, and over the last …

Pit bull dog worries overblown, say Ingham County dog experts

Some Ingham County residents are maintaining a favorable view of the type of dogs known as Pit bulls while the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter is working to boost the positive image of the dogs. On January 10, 2018 a bill was introduced into the Michigan State Senate that would prohibit local governments from enacting bans on specific breeds of dogs. The bill was not passed and referred to a committee. Despite the bill not passing, county dog experts look favorably on Pit bulls. Pit bull, a name encompassing several breeds of terriers and mixes, is one that carries the certain stigmas including being “inherently vicious” according to Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon.

Business goes on as usual despite renovation of Lansing’s state Capitol building

LANSING — The idea of a construction project in the busy downtown area of an urban center often causes people to think of an excess of dirtiness and chaos. The restoration and renovation of Michigan’s Capitol building and its’ climate control and electrical systems in downtown Lansing are not any of those things. The $70 million project being completed by The Christman Company was subject to extensive planning and forethought according to Project Director Chad Clark. “During the summer months we have water trucks out here … so that we don’t have dust …

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Ingham County emergency dispatch struggles to fill positions

MASON — The 911 dispatch center for Ingham County is understaffed and is working to boost its ranks, but on the 50th anniversary of the first ever 911 call the center faces many challenges when hiring new employees. Ingham County Controller Timothy Dolehanty says the shortage was, until recently, “significant” and “roughly 15 dispatch seats out of … 48 or 49 total” were empty. Dolehanty says, “It’s a lot of overtime hours for some of our employees. Everybody, I think …